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  • Who can use rentmls?
    RentMLS is primarily a service for, management companies, rental agents and owners with multiple properties

  • Is there any contract?

  • How payment is made each month?
    Payment is automatically charged each 30 day period for monthly fees and automatically charged annually for yearly subscriptions to the credit card on file with your account.

  • Can I cancel my account?
    You can cancel your subscription and your monthly payment immediately and at any time from your control panel by logging in with the user name and password (case sesitive) that you created on registration. Click on the link "My Control Panel" in the Header, and then click on the "Unsubscibe" link . This will automatically delete all properties in a portfolio.

  • What If I don't renew my annual subscription?
    Your account and all properties in it will be deleted after thirty days. This will give you time to rectify and reinstate your account if renewal was an oversight or caused by an expired credit card

  • Why is there a membership fee?
    Membership fees allow us to keep all properties in hibernate mode stored on our servers for future activation. If your membership fee is not renewed, then we assume you are not using the system and all properties in your account are deleted after 30 days

  • How does activate and hibernate of properties work?
    When a property is in hibernate mode this means it cannot be seen by any user and does not show in any searches. The complete property advertisement and information is still stored on the server for future reactivation to active mode at any time.

  • Why has my property disappeared?
    Properties hibernate automatically for

    A: bronze member each 30 days

    B: silver members each 90 days

    C: Gold members each 180 days

    Properties can be reactivated for a further period without incurring any extra fee, from the control panel, 29 days prior to hibernation (this prevents a property automatically hibernating or any time after hibernation.

  • Do I need to maintain my properties in active mode?

    A user can just access once a month the user control panel and easily activate and hibernate each property to maintain their account.

  • What are the main differences between the Bronze, Silver and Gold Memberships?
    Bronze Membership is suitable for single family homes and apartments. The agent profile will auto populate the same agent picture one each listing.

    Silver Membership is ideal for large to medium apartment complexes with different styles of units.
    1. Up to five (5) different floor plans with pictures, descriptions and virtual tours of each individual unit can be included.
    2. Each unit can be hibernated and activated separately
    3. Agent profiles can have separate agent pictures on each listing.

    Gold Membership is ideal for large apartment complexes.
    1. up to fifty (50) different floor plans with pictures, descriptions, and virtual tours of each listing can be included.
    2. Each unit can be activated and hibernated separately.
    3. Agent profiles can have separate agent pictures on each listing

  • Can I create more than one membership?
    Yes. It may be beneficial to create more than one membership type and will depend on type and number of properties you have in your portfolio or office.

  • Can I upgrade/downgrade my membership type?
    You can upgrade your membership any time. All listings will be charged according to your current membership type. You cannot down grade a membership type. E.g. from gold to silver

  • I/we have rented a property and I need to put in hibernate mode
    Properties can be changed to hibernate or active mode:
    1. in the user control panel or
    2. from the "modify rental "link at the bottom (under the pictures) of any main property advertisement page. The checkbox for hibernate or activate is seen at the top right of the edit page.
    3. activation of a property can also be done from the Edit a Property - Add / Edit Photos Link in the user control panel

  • Why there is a time limit before a property can be deleted from my portfolio?
    There is a minimum time limit before any individual property can be deleted from any active portfolio.
    Bronze 60 days-
    Silver 90 days-
    Gold 360 days

    Any property can be hibernated at any time.

    Any user may of course cancel a membership at any time which automatically cancels the account and all properties in the portfolio will be deleted automatically.

  • How can I see how may hits to my page?
    The hit counter is under the e mail a friend link located under the photographs on the main property page to see right click on your mouse and drag the pointer over the area

  • How do I upload or delete photos?
    Photos are automatically resized on upload from your hard drive. It is recommended that no greater than a five mega pixel camera is used otherwise your picture file size may be too large.
    Photos may be uploaded one of two ways
    1. Login to the user control panel and click on the link - Edit a Property - Add / Edit Photos
    2. Click on the edit my property button under the photos on the main property page, scroll to bottom of the page and click on submit modifications

  • My photo won't upload File size is too large?
    There is a convenient link in the user control panel for resizing pictures that are too large for the system.
    First resize the picture using this tool and then save to your hard drive. Then upload to your property page in the normal manner

  • How do I upload Agent Photos?
    Agent photos are uploaded from the: Edit a Property - Add / Edit Photos link in the user control panel.

    For bronze members agent photos automatically populate the agent profile information for each listing in the portfolio. This plan is ideal for a single agent or property owner with multiple rental properties.

    For gold and silver members each agent/ manager photo must be uploaded for each listing separately. These plans are ideal for larger companies with multiple apartment complexes or for real estate offices with multiple agents

  • How does the free data feed to my website work?
    This feature can be set up from the user control panel

    This is a feed that can be used in your website to rentmls showing only your properties for the username and password you have set up
    Logos, Colors, links, and font styles can be set up to match the colors in your website.

    A link is automatically mailed to you when you have completed set up for you to use in your web site you can change the colors etc at any time.

    The link you receive by e mail is available for two screen resolutions for you preferred choice.
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